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Register with our agency. We offer work in various branches, offer a wide range of posts and attractive salaries.


We co-operate with one of the largest metallurgical groups in France. Our company uses quality management advisors, we collaborate with an English company – LSI Business Ltd.


We specialize in providing high class experts in the following branches:

- welding services
- electric services
- hydraulic services
- construction services
- administrative services
- office services
- medical services
- forest economy


We have 3 years of experience in providing our clients with highly qualified specialists. Entrepreneurs from such countries as: France, Belgium, England or Denmark, trust us with their needs for experts thanks to recommendations from companies which have already co-operated with us. Our expertise lies in branches such as welding and installation of electric systems.


Our company follows OHP rules and in collaboration with foreign client – OHP rules of the company’s country, where the given work is performed.

We provide high class specialists.